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we make your weekend colorful ...


After a long time without any events, the time has finally come again.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a healthy and colorful time together with you.



We look forward to seeing you as a visitor, as well as tattoo artist, piercer and exhibitor, wanting to spend a colorful time with us on one of the next weekends.

We will bring you colorful skin art in different places, often there is an artist on the other side of the earth who you can not visit so easily, often an international top artist who is booked out for a long time and sometimes takes the time can tattoo at one of our tattoo events on site.

Especially at our events, the variety of selected international artists is great, although we deliberately keep the size of our events small and with a familiar touch, a wide range of styles and techniques, often traditionally by hand without a machine, or spiritually, as well as the century old tradition obligatory.


All artists are very well known and successful in their homeland and use the route that often takes days to travel to to exchange ideas with other artists and also to pass on their experiences. Here it is often a personal impression that the visitor gains from an artist in order to choose exactly this tattoo artist for their own tattoo request.

Every question from a visitor will be answered, please come to your appointment clean, without taking alcohol, drugs and fit and healthy, take your prescribed nose-mouth protection mask and hand disinfectant with you, if you have forgotten this, this will also be done Place to be.  

Advance booking is usually possible here on the website and at other advance booking offices online or on site.

Hipster Mädchen
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